Come for the fun.  Stay for the creations.

Brick Model Railroader – Brickworld Exclusive

We are excited to partner with Brick Model Railroader and have this exclusive boxcar design for Brickworld 2019.  BMR is doing all of the work.  And you have to be a Brickworld 2019 convention attendee to get one.  It is exciting to see the relationship of the LEGO train community and Brickworld growing every year.  Speaking from our own personal observations, train layouts have truly become more about the actual train over the years.  To that end, we will also have a community rail yard where the trains themselves will be on display this year at Brickworld Chicago.

We hope you join in our excitement about the BMR B-50-25 “Challenger” Express Boxcar.  You can learn more and get yours here.  (if you can’t see the link in social media, you can go to the post on the Brickworld website).


2019 Convention Schedule

We have been working hard on the event schedule and have finally released it on the website.  Always subject to change.  We will start tracking revisions to the schedule on the website this week so you can monitor if anything changes.  Once again, we have a fun filled agenda with over 100 activities planned – all thanks to the event attendees for helping us blast off to The Moon and Beyond!

You can check it all out at

2019 GBC Workshop Kit

We are excited to reveal the 2019 GBC Workshop kit – Sawtooth, designed by John Brost.  Sawtooth is a larger, more complicated build and a more pure Technic build than the last couple years which were smaller and have used a significant amount of system bricks (studded parts).  Sawtooth is 320 pieces and can be built at a casual pace in about 90 minutes for the average builder.  This kit will be available via the workshop signup in May.  If you are registered for the Brickworld convention, you will get a more detailed email about workshop signup in early May.

After building your module, it can be put into the GBC loop for the weekend to help us break 300 modules and set a new world record for the number of modules in a GBC loop.  Bring back previous year kits and your own personal modules and be a part of the most exciting LEGO based collaboration there is!

Convention Registration Closing Soon

The last day for early registration for the Brickworld Chicago convention is April 30.  Don’t miss out on all of the amazing opportunities to learn and have fun for the entire 5 day convention!  Register now to join your fellow LEGO enthusiasts at the most amazing LEGO fan experience in the Americas.  Learn more at

New Competition at Brickworld Chicago

We are excited to announce the Baja Challenge.  An off-road style remote control race.  The competition will be split into two classes to keep it fair for various participants.  Read more at  Go ahead, motorize a large scale version of a Brickmania tank.  We dare you.

Early registration for the convention ends April 30th.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

2019 Artwork

We are excited to do the full reveal of the artwork for “The Moon and Beyond”.  The artwork this year was created by Mark Larson and includes a fleet of the 2019 Hummingbird event kit.  The Hummingbirds are casually flying past a base on the moon.  Where they are headed is up to your imagination.

Food Drive at Brickworld Indy

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Indiana State Fairgrounds to join them in the Fairs Care Food Drive benefiting Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.  The purpose of the program is to provide much needed food for the community’s food pantry source, Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.  If you bring a non-perishable food item to Brickworld Indy with you, Brickworld will give you a 2×2 LEGO tile custom printed with the Brickworld logo as a thank you for participating*.  We are excited to be joining this effort as food drives have become one of the mainstays of community giving for both Brickworld and the IndyLUG LEGO club.  Please join us in raising an insane amount of food to help Gleaners Food Bank on March 16 and 17!

Check our Brickworld Indy ( page for more information about the show.

* – limit 1 per person.  Offer good while supplies last….but we got 5,000 of them!!

Charity Fundraiser Donations

We are excited to have finally added the ability to log your donation for the charity fundraiser electronically, instead of with a paper form.  Why is this such a great thing?

There are several reasons:

  1. It makes the job of the auction coordinators easier because they don’t have to enter the information in the computer and they won’t be sequestered in their office for days sorting it all out
  2. It makes it easier for you.  You will receive an email with the information you submitted.  All you do is print it and attach it (or put it in a bag with) the item when you drop it off at the check in desk
  3. You won’t have to fill out the donation form at the show.  It will already be done
  4. We will send you a reminder email before the show so you don’t forget to bring your donations
  5. It will help get more of the donations identified before the show to help organization of the fundraiser smoother

If you are considering donating items for the fundraiser, thank you!  We hope that you can take the time well in advance of the show to enter your information.  The auction coordinators receive a notification email whenever you enter an item.  So, they can get back to you with any questions.

You can access the form from your My Page if you are registered for the show and logged into your account or you can simply use this link.

Anyone is welcome to donate items and send them with someone else or ship them to us if you aren’t attending.  All donations are appreciated and as always, 100% of the fundraiser proceeds go to our charities.  You can read more here.

If you have questions about donating an item or bidding in either the silent auction or live auction, please contact us.