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Brickumentary Poster 1600×600

As Seen in:

Brick World 1600×600(437)
Red Play Brick 1600×600(437)
GBC 1600×600(437)
Graffiti 1600×600(437)
Courthouse 1600×600(437)
Duplo 1600×600(437)

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Brickworld Locations


Brickworld operates LEGO fan shows throughout the year. Shows include displays, interactive activities, and vendors selling LEGO sets, parts and aftermarket accessories. These events are in the same cities each year. We travel to these locations. But, we are not a traveling show in the sense that we go to a lot of new places each year.
If there isn’t a Brickworld event near you, check out the  BrickCalendar and maybe you will find LEGO fun at another fan event!