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Brick Model Railroader – Brickworld Exclusive

We are excited to partner with Brick Model Railroader and have this exclusive boxcar design for Brickworld 2019.  BMR is doing all of the work.  And you have to be a Brickworld 2019 convention attendee to get one.  It is exciting to see the relationship of the LEGO train community and Brickworld growing every year.  Speaking from our own personal observations, train layouts have truly become more about the actual train over the years.  To that end, we will also have a community rail yard where the trains themselves will be on display this year at Brickworld Chicago.

We hope you join in our excitement about the BMR B-50-25 “Challenger” Express Boxcar.  You can learn more and get yours here.  (if you can’t see the link in social media, you can go to the post on the Brickworld website).