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Club Brickworld Sponsorship Information

Costs and benefits are per event unless otherwise noted.
For questions or more information, contact us at 317-572-LEGO (5346) or email
Membership Plate Level Black Blue Red Yellow White
Member Fees & Rewards $5,000 $2,500 $500 $250 $1003
Your logo2 and a link to your page on the event specific website X X X X X
Recognition in our Facebook® and Twitter® feeds. X X X X X
Public admission passes qty 20 qty 10 qty 4 qty 2  
1×8 bricks with event, & year engraved qty 5 qty 5 qty 2 qty 1  
You can provide fliers to be placed on the public information table  X X X X  
Your name /company logo2 will be displayed on posters at the event (Advertising) X X X    
You can provide banners of the specified quantity and size to display at the event (banner will be returned to you after the event) (Advertising) 1

2x 8×10 or 1x 8×20 ft
(max size)

1x 8×10 ft
(max size)
Your name /company logo2 will be displayed on floor decals at the event (Advertising) qty 10 qty 5      

Chicago Only (in addition to items above)

Membership Plate Level Black Blue Red Yellow White
You can provide fliers to be placed in the convention goody bag X X X X  
Your name /company name will be included in the event program and announced during opening and closing ceremonies X X X    
Drink tickets for use during charity reception (if representatives are in attendance) qty 15 qty 8 qty 2    
Monetary values of physical donations are calculated from the cost of the donation, not the retail price and only a maximum of Red Plate membership may be achieved on physical donations alone.
1 – Alternative arrangements are possible for banner production if needed.  Banner size denoted as height x width
2 – Artwork of proper resolution must be provided to Brickworld by specified date
3 – An advertisement with a minimum size of 40,000 pixels for the event and link to Brickworld’s web site must be displayed on the front page of your web site for a minimum of 2 weeks immediately prior to the event