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Should I Purchase a Badge FAQ

Do I Need to be a badged attendee?

You only need to be badged if you plan to attend the convention in Chicago or the weekend (Sat/Sun Badge). You do not need to purchase a badge if you are purchasing tickets for one of our public expositions (even the Chicago show).

And, if you are under 18, not only do you have to purchase a badge, but one of your parents must also purchase a badge and attend with you.  The Brickworld convention is designed mainly for adults.  It is not a day camp.

How Do I Purchase a Badge?

  • Create a Brickworld account (create account)
  • Login to your Brickworld account
  • Click on the link to add a badge for the convention on your My Page
  • Click on a badge type to begin the purchase process
  • Fill in all required information
  • Add the badge to your cart
  • Repeat for everyone you would like to get a badge on your account
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Once you have successfully checked out and paid, you will have access to your full My Page

Note: An account is not needed to purchase public exposition tickets

What happens once I pay?

You will receive an email from Brickworld confirming that your Brickworld badge payment has been received. The email will be sent from Please add the domain to your safe email list, so you receive all emails from Brickworld.

How do I make a Change or Addition to my Badge?

You will be able to purchase additional badges up to the badge purchase deadline. This will NOT impact any engraved badges you purchase. Brickworld requires real names on your badge, not screen names or internet handles. When we review the list, if we find you have not complied with this rule, you will not receive a printed badge. You will receive a generic badge with your name on a sticker when you check in at the show.  If you need to make changes to people you badges for, please use the contact us form to request the change.  If we can make the change, you will receive a new confirmation of payment email with the updates included.  If the change is not acceptable, we will let you know.

Why is my name not showing on the Badge List?

  • You have not completed the purchase process for the Chicago Convention
  • You elected to hide your information (you can edit this by logging into your account and going to your My Page)
  • You are a minor (under the age of 18). Federal regulations prohibit showing minors’ names on the website
  • All names associated with a single Brickworld account are controlled by the selection made for the account (assuming they are 18 or older).  You cannot have John and Mary badged through one account and show John’s name, but not Mary’s.

What is the Refund Policy?

If you need to cancel your badge purchase, send us an email via the contact us form. A full refund will be issued if you cancel on or before the date provided here. A partial refund will be issued if you cancel on or before the date provided here. No refunds will be issued on or after these dates.