Come for the fun. Stay for the creations.

Set Drafts

A set draft is where each participant brings 1 of the same kit to the session. First, we sort all the parts into piles of each individual piece by shape and color. Then we draw numbers to see who chooses first and so on. During the draft, we choose in a serpentine order. If there are 5 people in the draft, we would go 1 2 3 4 5 5 4 3 2 1 and so on until each pile of parts has been claimed.

Set drafts are a great way to get multiples of a part for building MOCs. They are fun to participate in too and a great way to do some socializing. We hope you can make the time to participate or lead a draft.  (as the leader, you can still participate too)

Some additional information on parts drafts can be found here.

What Should I do?

All you need to do is show up at the scheduled time with a new copy of the set to be drafted. You will sort parts with the other participants at the session and then do the draft. It is a fun way to spend time socializing while also participating in an activity. Everyone is encouraged to participate in at least one draft. Get into as many as you want!

Set Draft


Start End Activity Location
9:00am 9:50am 71046 Series 26 Space CMF (!) six figures per person (unopened) Prosperity
10:00am 10:50am Practice Set Draft Epiphany
10:00am 10:50am 40715 Alien Pack Prosperity
11:00am 11:50am 41760 Igloo Holiday Adventure Epiphany
11:00am 11:50am 40716 Alien Planet Habitat Prosperity
1:00pm 1:50pm 31158 Sea Animals Prosperity
2:00pm 2:50pm 43237 Isabela’s Flowerpot Epiphany
2:00pm 2:50pm 43237 Isabela’s Flowerpot – Overflow Prosperity
3:00pm 4:50pm 21342 Insect Collection Epiphany
5:00pm 5:50pm 60439 Space Science Lab Prosperity
Start End Activity Location


Start End Activity Location
10:00am 10:50am 31157 Exotic Peacock Creator 3-in-1 Prosperity
10:00am 10:50am Practice Set Draft Epiphany
11:00am 11:50am 31149 Flowers In Watering Can Prosperity
12:00pm 12:50pm 43252 Moana’s Flowerpot Prosperity
1:00pm 1:50pm 43223 Asha in the City of Rosas Epiphany
2:00pm 3:50pm 71459 Stable of Dream Creatures Prosperity
4:00pm 5:50pm 60419 Police Prison Island Prosperity
4:00pm 4:30pm 30682 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Polybag Epiphany
9:00pm 11:00pm 31141 Main Street Creator 3 in 1 Prosperity
Start End Activity Location