Come for the fun. Stay for the creations.

Set Draft Ticketing is Here

Are you ready to start planning your time at Brickworld this year? The set draft schedule has been subtly released. And, while it is still subject to change if there are conflicts that need to be resolved, it should be pretty solid. You can’t see the schedule on the schedule page yet though. But, it will be there soon.

You can see the schedule for each draft at the bottom of your My Page when you log into your Brickworld account and are registered for the event.  Why on your My Page?  Well, we have been working on adding a new feature to the web site and it is ready to go.  We see big things for this feature in the future.  Meanwhile, we are starting small with a bunch of free stuff!!  Signing up for set drafts is free.  You need to bring your own new, unopened set to the draft to join in the fun.  And, you will need a ticket…a FREE ticket…to that draft.  And, you can get these free tickets on your My Page just below the pre-order items.

Doing a ticketing process for the set drafts will also help us know if there is a draft that is not of interest or a draft where there are so many people that we need to give it some extra attention.  So, this will help in our planning.  If you plan to bring 2 sets to a draft for yourself, please sign up for 2 tickets.  If you are a mom signing up your kids, get each one that will have a set their own ticket.

There are 24 different drafts to choose from.  So, choose wisely!!

Things are shaping up for the show.  We are getting into crunch time.  With many deadlines approaching (like display space and MOC cards), we are sure you are all building your creations and your excitement with us!

We look forward to seeing everyone in June.