Come for the fun. Stay for the creations.

Schedule and Activities Update

Have you been paying attention to the details of the convention?  We bet you haven’t paid close enough attention.  In the last day, a bunch of additional activities have been added to the details of the event this year.  You can find them all by looking at the Convention tab and then under Details in the left side menu.  Look under Presentations, Workshops, Challenges, Games, Collaborative Displays, and Set Drafts.  There are new additions everywhere!

The amount of fun you are all bringing with you to Chicago is very humbling.  We are bursting with excitement here at Brickworld’s Galactic Headquarters (yes, that is a real place).

And, to top it all off, we have released the details of the event schedule!!  So, you can start sorting out your agenda.  Of course, the schedule is always subject to some changes to help ensure the fun is maximized.  That is why we keep a “last updated” date at the top of the page.

In order to assure the best use of space and time, we are asking for a little help from you.

There are a lot of set drafts in the schedule.  We want to make sure that they won’t be empty.  If you are new to the event, you should try a set draft or two.  They are a fun and easy way to meet people.

Here is where we need your help:  We have created a survey to see what people’s plans are for the set drafts.  So, if you could please log into your Brickworld account, you will find a link to the survey at the top of your My Page.  It is simply a tally of expected participation in each draft.  So, know what set drafts you are interested in before taking the survey. (survey will close Monday morning May 16)

Everything is awesome…and with your help, it will stay that way!!  Thanks.