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Saturday Sunday Badge Attendee FAQ

Who should buy a Saturday Sunday Convention Badge?

The Saturday Sunday Badge is designed for a wide range of people. Influencers, people that can’t get the vacation days to attend the entire event, non-LEGO significant others/spouses that come along to do other fun things in the Chicago area but still want to be part of the show over the weekend, people that know they will be coming both days during public hours, etc. The reasons are endless. This badge gets you full show access starting at 10:00 AM Saturday through the end of the awards ceremonies on Sunday. All Saturday night activities open to you with this badge along with full event hall access during the non-public hours Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

What does a Saturday Sunday Badge include?

  1. Access to event hall (Saturday at the start of public hours – Sunday) when it is open
  2. Access to World of Lights
  3. Access to the garage sale (Saturday)
  4. Access to closing ceremonies (Sunday)
  5. Brickworld commemorative brick
  6. Brickworld printed badge and lanyard
  7. Opportunity to purchase the Brickworld Goody Bag (if available when you check in at the event). Goody bags include:
    1. Exclusive, limited run annual minifigure
    2. Sponsor giveaways
    3. Brickworld giveaways
    4. Entry into ceremony drawings (must be present to win)

When & Where do I pick up my Badge?

You can pick them up at the box office Saturday or Sunday. Box office opens at 9:30am.