The Premier LEGO® fan experience in North America

Presentations, Panels, and Activities


New Attendee Orientation

Led by: David Gregory & Alice Leber-Cook

Is this your first time at Brickworld? Come join us as we go over all aspects of the event to help you make the most of your experience here. Learn about set drafts, after hours activities, voting for awards, the charity auction and more.

Round Table Discussions

LAN Ambassador Meeting

Led by: Glen Kirk

Informal meeting and discussion session for LEGO RLUG Ambassadors. This is a closed session for RLUG Ambassadors only.

TFOL Round Table

Led by: Dan Church & Simon Liu

A round table discussion for Teen Fans of LEGO (TFOLs) on the LEGO community from the TFOL vantage point. This open discussion is for any TFOL wanting to talk to similar minded builders on any topic raised. A pair seasoned AFOLs will be there to answer any questions and moderate the discussion.

Train Round Table

Led by: Brian Williams

Everyone interested in LEGO trains is encouraged to attend this round table session where current train topics will be discussed by experts in the community: new track, sets, and accessories. Come with any issues/questions you may have too as the expertise you want is in this very room.