Come for the fun. Stay for the creations.

Display Space Request and MOC Card Signup

The forms for display space requests and MOC card/award registration signup are now both available for you to access from your My Page. Simply login to your Brickworld account. If you are registered for the Chicago convention, you will be redirected to your My Page.

Note:  Only Full attendees are allowed to sign up for display space and MOCs.  While the web site might let you enter information if you are not a full attendee, it is manually reviewed by Kathie.  So, please keep her job easy and don’t sign up for space or MOCs if you are not a full attendee.

As in previous years, the MOC/award registration is done through the web site.  The entries you make remain editable/deleteable until the closure date in early May.

New this year is having the display space request done through the web site.  This will allow you to view your submitted request, edit it, or delete it up until the closure date in early May.  Please remember that most people will have a single space request for MOCs or an individual layout.  You do not enter a space request for each of your creations.  Even though most people will have only a single entry, if needed, you can have more than one space request.  For example:  You are leading a fantasy collaboration with your friends, you enter that space request.  And, you also have some individual MOCs to display.  So, you enter that as a separate space request.

That’s it for now.  Play well!

LEGO Friends Building Competition

LEGO® has announced a competition for 2016. Brickworld will hold our version of the competition at the Chicago convention in June. To enter, you must be registered as a Full Registrant for the convention.  The following is from an email providing details of the competition.

“The call-to-action [asks] AFOLs (registered attendees) to build something that either celebrates LEGO Friends in general or transforms an existing LEGO set/model (current or retired) into the LEGO Friends theme. Participants would bring their creation to [Brickworld Chicago] in 2016 to compete against others doing the same. Utilizing the system [Brickworld] already has in place to award MOCs of certain categories we will “piggy back” on [Brickworld’s] of “Best Celebration of LEGO Friends!” This decision should utilize the system [Brickworld] already has in place.”

The winner at Brickworld will be chosen by a panel of judges.  As a semifinalist, the winner from Brickworld will receive a prize package from LEGO of a collection of 2016 Friends sets.  The overall competition will be run via the Rebrick web site.  And, the winner at Brickworld will be automatically advanced to the semifinal evaluation.

Happy Building

Names on the Registrant List

The Registrant List page is now active.  Everyone 18 and older that has already registered is showing by default.
If you would like to hide your name from the list, login, go to your My Page, and check the box to not show names of people registered under your account.  The web site does not show names of registrants under the age of 18 and there is no setting for you to change that preference.

Can’t Get to a Brickworld Event?

If you can’t get to a Brickworld event because of timing or geography, we encourage you to check out other fan events around the country. Participation in this hobby is about creativity and engineering. You are always learning when you play with bricks. And, you are always going to be inspired at a fan event!
For these reasons, we are happy to be including BrickCalendar on our site. You can check out the calendar of major fan events on the Brickworld Expositions web page.

Fort Wayne Dates Set

We are excited to announce the dates for Brickworld Fort Wayne this year are August 27 & 28. As always, the show will be held at the Grand Wayne Center. We hope to see you there!

Welcome to the Convention Information Blog

Welcome to the new convention information blog.  This blog will contain important information we release about the convention as we get closer to June.  It is open for anyone to view.  If you are registered for the convention (and paid) when a post to this blog is made, then you will also receive it via email.  But, all of the posts are on display here for reference and for people that register after one of these informational posts is made.  On the old website, this is akin to the prior emails link.


If you are an all access registrant, you will see posts here that you do not receive via email because they pertain only to full registrants.

Brickworld 2016 Convention Registration

This post is designed to help you start down the road to being registered for the Chicago fan convention as a registered attendee.  This is not required to simply attend public hours during the exposition.  For more information about the exposition, please go here.

  • There are no changes to All Access Registration. (It is still the recommended way of registering for parents and non-LEGO significant others that simply want to be part of the fun)
  • There are no changes to Full Registration.  (It is our standard registration option for LEGO fans)
  • There is a new classification of registration entitled Late Registration.  In past years, we have always continued to register people even after the official close of registration.  So, we are embodying that culture by officially allowing late registration this year via the standard online registration process.  Registering late does cause extra work.  So, we want to discourage it.  To that end, late registration is higher priced than Full Registration but lacks guarantees for some of the time sensitive benefits such as raffle participation and display space.

You can see a comparison chart of the registration types here.

Registering this year will require you to create a new account on the Brickworld web site.  In transitioning to the new site, we made the decision to clear out the entire account database that has been accumulating information for 10 years with many email addresses being defunct now.  You can register for a Brickworld account here.  (It costs you no money to register for an account)

Once you have registered for an account, you can log in to your account and click on the Account link.  On your account page, you will see a link to register for the event.

Once you are registered for the Chicago Convention your My Page will be active.  As event gets closer, you will see additional elements added to your My Page.  We will email you about each feature along the way just as we have in previous years.

Don’t forget to register for a hotel room at the Renaissance hotel attached to the convention center to be in the middle of all of the fun.  You can register for a hotel here.

We are very excited to be holding the 10th Brickworld Chicago convention this year and hope that you are excited to help make the event the best ever!  We look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago.

Brickworld Web Site Relaunch

We are excited to be launching a new web site with a lot of enhancements and ease of use features. We have coordinated the launch of the web site with the opening of registration for Brickworld Chicago 2016. You will find a lot of the same information on the site, plus more! And, if you register for the convention in Chicago, you will have a completely new experience from beginning to end. There are portions of the site that are still under construction and we will continue to tweak any issues that are encountered. But, we think you will find this site much easier to navigate and find all of the important information as you prepare to attend the convention in Chicago.

For exposition tickets, simply go to the page of the exposition, order your tickets from there, and enjoy the show!

We hope that you find the new site as exciting as we find it. And, we also want to acknowledge all of Mike Huffman’s efforts over the last 10 years and thank him for his continued efforts and support even as life changed around him. He has been truly dedicated to helping make the AFOL community stronger and we all owe him gratitude for what he has accomplished!

We look forward to seeing everyone at a Brickworld event in 2016.