Come for the fun. Stay for the creations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Brickworld is almost here! We are working on the last minutes details.

We have some volunteer opportunities for those of you that may have some extra time during Brickworld. Some of those opportunities are:

  • Helping at the Registration Desk on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Helping at the Information Table on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Monitoring the Play Brick Areas during public hours on Saturday & Sunday
  • Providing Information/Directions to the Public on Saturday & Sunday
  • Line Queuing During Public Hours on Saturday & Sunday
  • Derby Race Monitor During Public Hours on Saturday & Sunday

 If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email via the contact us link below, and we will send you more information.  We would really appreciate your help!  We’ll see you soon!


Schedule and Activities Update

Have you been paying attention to the details of the convention?  We bet you haven’t paid close enough attention.  In the last day, a bunch of additional activities have been added to the details of the event this year.  You can find them all by looking at the Convention tab and then under Details in the left side menu.  Look under Presentations, Workshops, Challenges, Games, Collaborative Displays, and Set Drafts.  There are new additions everywhere!

The amount of fun you are all bringing with you to Chicago is very humbling.  We are bursting with excitement here at Brickworld’s Galactic Headquarters (yes, that is a real place).

And, to top it all off, we have released the details of the event schedule!!  So, you can start sorting out your agenda.  Of course, the schedule is always subject to some changes to help ensure the fun is maximized.  That is why we keep a “last updated” date at the top of the page.

In order to assure the best use of space and time, we are asking for a little help from you.

There are a lot of set drafts in the schedule.  We want to make sure that they won’t be empty.  If you are new to the event, you should try a set draft or two.  They are a fun and easy way to meet people.

Here is where we need your help:  We have created a survey to see what people’s plans are for the set drafts.  So, if you could please log into your Brickworld account, you will find a link to the survey at the top of your My Page.  It is simply a tally of expected participation in each draft.  So, know what set drafts you are interested in before taking the survey. (survey will close Monday morning May 16)

Everything is awesome…and with your help, it will stay that way!!  Thanks.

Bridging the Gap

In keeping with the theme of this year’s event, the Mindstorms coordinators have come up with the competition Bridging the Gap.  Bridging the Gap requires 2 robots to Unite with each other to accomplish a task.  You can read the rules for Bridging the Gap here.  You can see all of the challenges for this year’s event here.  Don’t miss the Mindstorms fun at the show either as a participant or a spectator.  Robots – they are taking over the world!!

2016 Set Drafts Revealed

The sets that will be officially drafted at Brickworld 2016 have been revealed! You can see the entire list here.

Brickworld attendees are encouraged to participate in set drafts as a way to get to know new people.  It is a non-themed activity that is also a great social setting.  There is a range of set values so you can choose the draft(s) that best suit you.

2016 Artwork Revealed

Brickworld is excited to release the first look at the 2016 event artwork celebrating both our theme (Unite) and the 10th anniversary of the event. Thanks to Mark Larson for his efforts in creating a memorable scene for the show!

2016 Keynote Speaker: Joe Meno

We are excited to have one of the great pillars of the AFOL Community, Mr. Joe Meno, as our Keynote Speaker for Brickworld Chicago 2016. Joe is the founder and editor in-chief of BrickJournal magazine. Joe has been a presence in the community forever. You can find him at many AFOL conventions running around snapping pictures of the MOCs. Joe has his hands in many things. And, while we aren’t announcing the topic of his speech, we can tell you that it is not about BrickJournal. Joe has thought long and hard about a topic to excite us all. Don’t miss out! The Keynote speech happens during opening ceremonies on Thursday, June 16th at Brickworld Chicago.

Joe was born in Fayetteville, NC.  He graduated from North Carolina State University in 1987.  And, he lives his life as a self-described “sorta-editor, writer, photographer for a magazine that is a lot more fun than work!”.  And, he believes in Walt Disney’s philosophy that “It’s kinda fun doing the impossible.”

Please join us in Chicago and don’t miss what is certain to be an unforgettable hour of Joe!

Convention Table Setup

We are excited to announce that we will be having the decorator set up tables for the event this year!!

We have always appreciated everyone’s willingness to help with table setup to help make the convention an affordable endeavor. A job that you all willingly have pitched in on since the beginning of Brickworld.

This makes the logistics of setup much easier. The decorator will set up tables in the morning on Wednesday. And, we invade the hall after lunch to start having fun!

Important Convention Schedule Change

We are pleased to make the announcement of an important change to the convention schedule this year. We have secured the event hall on Wednesday and load in/setup can begin at 1 PM Wednesday afternoon instead of the usual Thursday morning start of display setup.

We added this setup time with no other activities to help those people with larger more time consuming setup activities to get started and be able to attend more of the other activities that are part of the Brickworld fun! Anyone is welcome to take advantage of this time to begin setup of your display.

We realize this is almost a late decision. But, we hope that it is still early enough in your personal planning to take advantage of the extra setup time.

The change in schedule is reflected on the event schedule page

Call for Activity Leaders

As always, Brickworld depends on the attendees to turn the available space into the awesome fan convention that it is. We have added a link on your My Page – “My Leader Roles” – as part of the new website for you to offer your assistance in making this happen. You can use this link to offer to lead workshops, presentations, round table discussions, part drafts, games, competitions, or any other activity during the convention this year. Make sure to include any scheduling limitations you have in the comments. We will sort through everything and create the detailed event schedule once we are closer to the show. But, the sooner we have a good idea of what people want to do, the easier it is to seek to fill gaps in the fun if necessary. So, please don’t hesitate, sign up to help make this year’s show the best ever! And, please accept our thanks in advance for your commitment!

LUG Display Space Requests

Do your LUG members to be placed in the layout next to each other?  If they do, please work together as a LUG to develop a U-shaped layout of space (preferably 2 tables deep on each side).  Then have one person make a single display space request.

This makes the job of the layout coordinators much simpler because they aren’t trying to move and group large numbers of people.

If you were involved last year, this is a repeat of what we did in 2015.  A lot of LUGs were involved in the experiment last year.  It seemed to work out well.

But, don’t worry, if you all want to put in your own display space requests, that is fine.  We just don’t guarantee that you will be located near the people you request.

Please plan your LUG space using 8 ft x 30 inch tables

If you have questions, please let us know.