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Meet our 2019 Keynote Speaker – Mr. Kevin Hinkle

Brickworld is pleased to announce our keynote speaker for Brickworld Chicago 2019 is Mr. Kevin Hinkle.  Kevin is a Freelance Artist who specializes in Graphic & Brand Design, Animation, Illustration & Model Making with LEGO Bricks. Prior to his self-employment, Kevin spent more than twelve years working at the LEGO Group in the fields of Retail Management, Community Engagement & Marketing Integration.

Although he currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and two children, he and his family have spent time living in Colorado, Arizona & Texas as well. Kevin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver, Colorado in 2008 and has aspired to operate in creative fields for a majority of his life. The LEGO hobby exemplifies this passion, and as such, LEGO bricks now enjoy mental and physical real estate among his more traditional artistic tools. Kevin is a member of CoWLUG, Cactus Brick, TexLUG, ConnLUG, GamerLUG and a contributor to both BrickJournal & Brick Fanatics Magazines.

As the LEGO brand has further secured its footing as a cultural phenomena with theatrical films, traveling expositions and expansion into social media (to name a few examples!), its enthusiastic and diverse community of fans have followed a similar path of growth and evolution.Kevin will share his observations & reflections from spending six years, literally being paid, to monitor the LEGO fan community across the United States.