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LUG Display Space Requests

Do your LUG members to be placed in the layout next to each other?  If they do, please work together as a LUG to develop a U-shaped layout of space (preferably 2 tables deep on each side).  Then have one person make a single display space request.

This makes the job of the layout coordinators much simpler because they aren’t trying to move and group large numbers of people.

If you were involved last year, this is a repeat of what we did in 2015.  A lot of LUGs were involved in the experiment last year.  It seemed to work out well.

But, don’t worry, if you all want to put in your own display space requests, that is fine.  We just don’t guarantee that you will be located near the people you request.

Please plan your LUG space using 8 ft x 30 inch tables

If you have questions, please let us know.