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CategoryHead Judge
Best Air ShipChris Eyerly
Best ArtworkDr Roy T Cook
Best ConstractionMarkus Rollbühler
Best CreatureMarkus Rollbühler
Best GBC ModuleJeremy Moody
Best HumorMaria Stratsma
Best In ShowMark Larson
Best Individual Large LayoutKevin Wagner
Best Individual Small LayoutKevin Wagner
Best Land VehicleChris Eyerly
Best Large BuildingAlysa Kirkpatrick
Best Large Group LayoutKevin Wagner
Best Life-sizedMaria Stratsma
Best MechaMarkus Rollbühler
Best MechanicalSteve Hassenplug
Best Medieval BuildingAlysa Kirkpatrick
Best Micro-scaleAlysa Kirkpatrick
Best MosaicRoy Cook
Best of Brickworld Chicago Film – AttendeeCasey McCoy & Tyler Eyerly
Best of Brickworld Chicago Film – InternationalCasey McCoy & Tyler Eyerly
Best of Brickworld Chicago Film – Judges' ChoiceCasey McCoy & Tyler Eyerly
Best Pop CultureMaria Stratsma
Best Sea VesselChris Eyerly
Best Small BuildingAlysa Kirkpatrick
Best Small Group LayoutKevin Wagner
Best SpacecraftChris Eyerly
Best Special EffectsMarkus Rollbühler
Best Star WarsKevin Wagner
Best Teen CreationDr. Roy Cook
Best Train - OriginalBrian Williams
Best Train - ReplicaBrian Williams
Best Train LayoutBrian Williams
Best VignetteMaria Stratsma
Best Youth CreationDr. Roy Cook
Brickworld MasterAwards Coordinators
Display AccessibilityGretchen McNeely & Jim Pirzyk
Judges’ AwardAwards Coordinators
Theme IncorporationMark Larson
World of Lights AwardRob Hendrix
CategoryHead Judge