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Event Schedule

Note: The schedule for the event is subject to change without notice. We do our best to keep the web site up-to-date.
Last updated: May 22, 2019
Revisions are listed at the bottom of the visual schedule page for changes that occur in May


1:00pm7:00pmDisplay SetupEvent Hall
2:00pm3:00pmSet Draft 41366 Olivia's Cupcake CafePlay Brick Tables
3:00pm4:00pmSet Draft 21130 The Nether RailwayPlay Brick Tables
4:00pm5:00pmSet Draft 70651 Throne Room ShowdownPlay Brick Tables
7:00pm10:00pmMixerHotel Lobby
8:00pm12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall



8:00am8:00pmDisplay SetupEvent Hall
9:00am9:50amNew Attendee OrientationEuphoria
10:00am10:50amMedieval Roof TechniquesNirvana B
10:00am11:00amSet Draft 31073 Mythical CreaturesProsperity
10:00am11:00amSet Draft 41157 Rapunzel’s Travel Caravan*Epiphany
10:00am12:00pmBuilding Custom Items from ClothNirvana A
10:00am12:00pmGreat Ball Contraption WorkshopNirvana C
11:00am11:50amT-shirt Show & TellNirvana B
11:00am12:00pmSet Draft 41456 Unikingdom Fairgrounds FunProsperity
11:00am12:00pmSet Draft 75233 Droid Gunship*Epiphany
11:00am1:30pmLEGO Derby Build and PracticeCompetition Area
1:00pm1:50pmLGMS An introduction LEGO Train ModulesNirvana A
1:00pm1:50pmThe LEGO Design InternshipNirvana B
1:00pm2:00pmSet Draft 41162 Ariel, Aurora and Tiana's Royal Celebration*Prosperity
1:00pm2:00pmSet Draft 61183 Heavy Cargo TransportEpiphany
1:00pm2:50pmLEGO AnimationNirvana C
1:30pm2:30pmFFOL Blind BuildConcession Area
1:30pm3:30pmLEGO DerbyCompetition Area
2:00pm2:50pmMarketing Your LUG to the PublicNirvana B
2:00pm3:00pmBaja ChallengeCompetition Area
2:00pm3:00pmSet Draft 41145 Ariel & the Magic SpellEpiphany
2:00pm3:30pmApollo 11 MissionNirvana A
2:00pm3:30pmLEGO Lead User Lab StatusEuphoria
2:00pm4:00pmSet Draft 75955 Hogwarts Express*Prosperity
2:30pm5:00pmCutthroat Building Challenge - 17 and underConcession Area
3:00pm3:30pmSet Draft 76109 Quantum Realm Sub-ExplorersEpiphany
3:00pm3:50pmMaking ConnectionsNirvana B
3:00pm3:50pmTFOL Round TableNirvana C
3:30pm7:00pmBrickfilm TheaterEuphoria
4:00pm4:50pmAdvanced Mosaic TechniquesNirvana C
4:00pm4:50pmTrain Round TableNirvana A
4:00pm4:50pmWorking with Black LightNirvana B
4:00pm5:00pmSet Draft 75952 Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures*Prosperity
4:00pm5:30pmMinecraft Tunnel BuildingCompetition Area
4:00pm7:00pmBrickQuestAt Display
5:00pm7:00pmMinifig Speed Build PreliminariesCompetition Area
5:30pm6:30pmDirty BuildsterNirvana C
6:30pm7:30pmBeer DraftConcession Area
8:00pm9:30pmOpening CeremoniesUtopia
9:30pm12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall
10:00pm11:00pmBricks Against HumanityFront of Event Hall



8:00am12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall
9:00am10:00amSet Draft 76111 Brother Eye TakedownProsperity
9:00am10:00amSet Draft 75932 Velociraptor Chase*Epiphany
9:00am10:50amKidsworldNirvana C
9:00am12:00pmBuilding Sumo RobotsNirvana A
10:00am10:50amLEGO Games RoadmapEuphoria
10:00am10:50amBreathing New White into Age-Yellowed BricksNirvana B
10:00am11:00amSet Draft 70652 Stormbringer*Prosperity
10:00am11:00amSet Draft 31078 Treehouse TreasuresEpiphany
10:00am12:00pmYard SaleConcession Area
10:00am1:50pmCharity Silent AuctionPlay Brick Tables
11:00am11:50amSlowly Crawling Into Sets for YearsNirvana C
11:00am11:50amLEGO Trains (Book) – Behind the CurtainsNirvana B
11:00am11:50amMagic Tricks with LEGO BricksEuphoria
11:00am12:00pmSet Draft 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes*Epiphany
12:00pm1:30pmPull Back Dragster Build and PracticeFront of Event Hall
12:00pm2:00pmMinifigure Speed BuildCompetition Area
1:00pm1:50pmBuilding in 1:1 ScaleNirvana C
1:00pm1:50pmInsuring Your LEGO BricksEuphoria
1:00pm1:50pmLEGO in the University ClassroomNirvana A
1:00pm1:50pmFollow the LEGO Brick RoadNirvana B
1:00pm2:00pmSet Draft 75973 DVA and Reinhardt*Epiphany
1:00pm2:00pmSet Draft 76114 Spiderman's Spider CrawlerProsperity
1:30pm3:20pmPull Back Dragster ChallengeFront of Event Hall
2:00pm2:30pmSet Draft 75951 Grindewald's EscapeProsperity
2:00pm2:50pmBuilding the CathedralNirvana A
2:00pm2:50pmMinifig and Polybag ExchangeConcession Area
2:00pm2:50pmExperiences and Lessons Transporting Large MOCsNirvana B
2:00pm2:50pmBrickworld Master PanelNirvana C
2:00pm2:50pmThe LEGO HouseEuphoria
2:00pm3:00pmSet Draft 70829 Emmet & Lucy’s Escape Buggy*Epiphany
3:00pm3:50pmHollow Domes of Various ScalesNirvana C
3:00pm3:50pmLEGO for a LivingNirvana A
3:00pm3:50pmLEGO YouTube Round TableNirvana B
3:00pm4:00pmSet Draft 75971 Hanzo vs. GenjiProsperity
3:00pm5:00pmTri-Build ChallengePlay Brick Tables
3:00pm5:00pmSet Draft 40174 LEGO ChessEpiphany
3:30pm4:30pmBingoConcession Area
4:00pm4:50pmAFOL Designer ProgramNirvana B
4:00pm4:50pmIntroduction to LEGO Trains and MOCshopEuphoria
4:00pm4:50pmCloning of the MOCs - the SequelNirvana C
4:00pm5:00pmBoat RacePool
4:00pm5:00pmLGBTQ+ Meet and GreetNirvana A
4:00pm7:00pmBrickQuestAt Display
5:00pm10:00pmBrickfilm TheaterEuphoria
6:00pm7:00pmBricks Against HumanityFront of Event Hall
6:00pm8:00pm1x5 Games Presents ClunkersProsperity
6:00pm9:00pmMobile Frame Zero BattleEpiphany
7:00pm9:00pmCharity Live AuctionSchaumburg West
10:00pm12:00amLEGO Trivia NightConcession Area



10:00am2:00pmSumo Robot CompetitionCompetition Area
10:00am4:00pmBrickfilm TheaterEuphoria
10:00am4:00pmPublic ExpositionEvent Hall
11:00am11:30amDUPLO RelayProsperity
1:00pm2:50pmDirty BricksterEpiphany
4:30pm5:00pmGroup PhotoEvent Hall
5:00pm8:00pmBrickQuestAt Display
6:00pm7:00pmMinifigure Speed Build FinalsCompetition Area
7:00pm8:00pmFilm FestivalEuphoria
7:00pm9:00pmTrain OlympicsAt Display
7:00pm9:30pmCutthroat Building Challenge - 18 and overConcession Area
8:00pm10:00pmThe LEGO Space Animation Variety HourEuphoria
10:00pm12:00amWorld of LightsEvent Hall



10:00am3:00pmBrickfilm TheaterEuphoria
10:00am3:00pmPublic ExpositionEvent Hall
1:00pm2:00pmPower Functions BattLEGObotsCompetition Area
4:30pm5:15pmAwards CeremonyUtopia
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