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Event Schedule

Note: The schedule for the event is subject to change without notice. We do our best to keep the web site up-to-date.
Last updated: May 20, 2018
Revisions listed at the bottom of the visual schedule page


Time Activity Location
01:00pm07:00pmDisplay SetupEvent Hall
07:00pm10:00pmMixerHotel Lobby
10:00pm12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall



Time Activity Location
08:00am08:00pmDisplay SetupEvent Hall
09:00am09:50amNew Attendee OrientationNirvana A
10:00am10:50am21130 The Nether RailwayProsperity
10:00am10:50am76085 Battle of AtlantisEpiphany
10:00am10:50amMicroscale Castle & Pirate BuildingNirvana A
10:00am12:00pmGreat Ball Contraption WorkshopNirvana C
11:00am11:50am41597 Go Brick MeEpiphany
11:00am11:50amMagic Tricks with LEGO BricksNirvana B
11:00am11:50am70607 Ninjago City ChaseProsperity
11:00am11:50amLandmark | LandscapeNirvana A
11:00am01:30pmLEGO Derby Build and PracticeAt Display
11:00am12:00pmMusical Chairs Build ChallengeCompetition Area
12:00pm12:30pm75193 Millenium Falcon MicrofighterEpiphany
01:00pm01:50pmLAN & RLUGsNirvana A
01:30pm03:30pmLEGO DerbyCompetition Area
01:00pm01:50pm41614 Owen & BlueEpiphany
01:00pm01:50pmHere Kitty KittyProsperity
01:00pm03:50pmBuild On-The-Spot MINDSTORMS Challenge (BOTS) WorkshopCompetition Area
01:00pm02:50pmLEGO AnimationNirvana C
01:00pm01:50pmDesigning using Mathematical ProportionsNirvana B
02:00pm02:50pm70608 Master FallsEpiphany
02:00pm03:30pmApollo 11 MissionNirvana A
02:00pm02:50pmInteracting with the PublicNirvana B
02:00pm07:00pmBrickfilm TheaterSchaumburg
02:30pm05:00pmCutthroat Building Challenge - 17 and underConcession Area
02:00pm03:50pmCentury Spice RoadProsperity
03:00pm05:50pm70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate WeaponEpiphany
03:00pm03:50pmBehind the Scenes of Brick MADNESSNirvana B
03:00pm03:50pmTFOL Round TableNirvana C
04:00pm04:50pmImproving Your Rock WorkNirvana B
04:00pm04:50pmOnline Video and Live StreamingNirvana C
04:00pm05:30pmMinecraft Tunnel BuildingCompetition Area
04:00pm04:50pmTrain Round TableNirvana A
04:00pm05:50pmStone AgeProsperity
05:30pm06:30pmDirty BuildsterNirvana C
05:30pm06:00pmBuild in a Bag - PrelimsConcession Area
05:00pm07:00pmMinifig Speed Build PreliminariesFront of Event Hall
06:30pm07:30pmBeer DraftConcession Area
06:30pm07:30pmLAN Ambassador MeetingNirvana B
08:00pm09:30pmOpening CeremoniesUtopia
09:30pm12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall



Time Activity Location
08:00am12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall
09:00am10:50am41320 Heartlake Frozen Yogurt ShopProsperity
09:00am10:50am76097 Lex Luthor Mech TakedownEpiphany
09:00am10:50amLEGO as a MinistryNirvana B
09:00am12:00pmBuilding Sumo RobotsNirvana A
09:00am10:50amKidsworldNirvana C
10:00am12:50pmCharity Silent AuctionFront of Event Hall
10:00am10:30amBuild in a Bag - PrelimsConcession Area
10:00am10:50amLEGO Storage and Sorting: Why?Nirvana C
11:00am11:50am70641 Ninja NightcrawlerEpiphany
11:00am11:50am72003 Berserker BomberProsperity
11:30am12:00pmBuild in a Bag - PrelimsConcession Area
11:00am11:50amLife of a LEGO DesignerNirvana B
11:00am11:50amBricklink - 4,000 Orders LaterNirvana C
11:00am11:50amShip Building TutorialEuphoria
12:00pm12:30pm10402 Fun FutureEpiphany
12:00pm02:00pmMinifigure Speed BuildFront of Event Hall
12:00pm10:00pmBrickfilm TheaterSchaumburg
01:00pm01:50pm75183 Darth Vader™ TransformationEpiphany
01:30pm03:20pmPull Back Dragster ChallengeCompetition Area
01:00pm01:50pmHues on First? Making the Colors LEGO Doesn'tNirvana B
01:00pm01:50pmGood GBC Modules - Keeping Your Module In the LoopNirvana A
01:00pm01:50pmFollow the LEGO Brick RoadNirvana C
02:00pm02:50pm41336 Emma's Art CafeEpiphany
02:00pm02:50pmBrickLink - Instructions and RendersNirvana B
02:00pm02:50pmCreating and Running an Online DraftNirvana A
02:00pm02:50pmMinifig and Polybag ExchangeConcession Area
02:00pm02:50pmBrickworld Master PanelNirvana C
02:00pm05:00pmDraft & Build ChallengeCompetition Area
03:00pm04:20pm41150 Moana's Ocean VoyageEpiphany
03:00pm03:50pmIt's Time to Launch Your “Brickstarter” Campaign!Nirvana B
03:00pm03:50pmLEGO Designer SecretsNirvana A
03:00pm05:50pmBricktechAt Display
03:00pm03:50pmHere Kitty KittyProsperity
03:00pm03:50pmMOCtography101Nirvana C
03:30pm04:30pmBingoConcession Area
03:00pm04:00pmZipline Destruction!Competition Area
04:00pm04:50pm42060 Roadwork CrewProsperity
04:00pm05:00pmBoat RacePool
04:30pm05:50pm41193 Aira & the Song of the Wind DragonEpiphany
04:00pm04:50pmBrickLink eXpress: The Future of BrickLink is Upon UsNirvana B
04:00pm04:50pmMOCtography 201Nirvana C
04:00pm04:50pmLUG 101: The Logistics Behind Running a LUGNirvana A
05:30pm06:30pmTrain Racing - Jr. DivisionAt Display
06:30pm07:00pmWhere is Kevin Hinkle?Nirvana
07:00pm09:00pmCharity Live AuctionUtopia
10:00pm11:00pmBricks Against HumanityProsperity



Time Activity Location
10:00am04:00pmPublic ExpositionEvent Hall
10:00am02:00pmSumo Robot CompetitionCompetition Area
10:00am04:00pmBrickfilm TheaterSchaumburg
11:00am11:50amBuilding Bricks in the MiddleEuphoria
01:00pm02:50pmDirty BricksterEuphoria
04:30pm05:00pmGroup PhotoEvent Hall
05:00pm06:00pmTrain Racing - Sr. DivisionAt Display
05:00pm06:50pmStone AgeEpiphany
06:00pm07:00pmBuild in a Bag - FinalsCompetition Area
06:00pm07:00pmMinifigure Speed Build FinalsCompetition Area
07:00pm09:00pmTrain OlympicsAt Display
07:00pm09:50pmBricktechAt Display
07:00pm08:00pmBricks Against HumanityProsperity
07:00pm09:30pmCutthroat Building Challenge - 18 and overConcession Area
07:00pm08:00pmFilm FestivalSchaumburg
08:15pm09:50pmMovie Night: Bricks MadnessSchaumburg
08:00pm09:50pmCentury Spice RoadEpiphany
10:00pm12:00amWorld of LightsEvent Hall



Time Activity Location
08:30am09:20amNon-Denominational ServiceProsperity
10:00am03:00pmPublic ExpositionEvent Hall
10:00am03:00pmBrickfilm TheaterSchaumburg
01:00pm02:00pmPower Functions BattLEGObotsCompetition Area
04:30pm05:15pmAwards CeremonyUtopia
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