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Display Space Request and MOC Card Signup

The forms for display space requests and MOC card/award registration signup are now both available for you to access from your My Page. Simply login to your Brickworld account. If you are registered for the Chicago convention, you will be redirected to your My Page.

Note:  Only Full attendees are allowed to sign up for display space and MOCs.  While the web site might let you enter information if you are not a full attendee, it is manually reviewed by Kathie.  So, please keep her job easy and don’t sign up for space or MOCs if you are not a full attendee.

As in previous years, the MOC/award registration is done through the web site.  The entries you make remain editable/deleteable until the closure date in early May.

New this year is having the display space request done through the web site.  This will allow you to view your submitted request, edit it, or delete it up until the closure date in early May.  Please remember that most people will have a single space request for MOCs or an individual layout.  You do not enter a space request for each of your creations.  Even though most people will have only a single entry, if needed, you can have more than one space request.  For example:  You are leading a fantasy collaboration with your friends, you enter that space request.  And, you also have some individual MOCs to display.  So, you enter that as a separate space request.

That’s it for now.  Play well!