Come for the fun. Stay for the creations.

Cutthroat Builders Challenge


At the beginning, the players are told the category they’ll have to build in for round one. There will be 3 categories total for the game. We chose castle, space and city here for the examples.

Then the players are given a set amount of time (3 minutes) to rush over to the LEGO bins, dig through, and gather ALL the parts they’re going to use for the entire round.

After they’ve gotten their brick and returned to their building stations, this is where the fun begins…

Each player is “given” X amount of “cash” to play the game with ($200, maybe $300 bucks to start). They use this “currency” to bid on sabotages (auction style with the amount going up in like, $10 increments) to assign to other players. Now, it may SEEM like the players would just keep out bidding each other every time however, the catch is the winner will be awarded a prize based ONLY on how much “cash” they have left at the end of the game.  So the players will have to play smart with their money if they want something cool as a prize at the end.

In the first round there will be two sabotages auctioned off. Once they’ve been assigned the players now have “X” amount of time to build whatever they’re going to build for that round’s category. Once time is up, then we bring in the judge.  Here’s the catch for the judge though… the judge will not know what has gone on during the round. The judge will be secluded away from the gaming area and won’t know what sabotages the players had to go through and will base their decision ONLY on the build in front of them. It will also be a “blind” decision where the judge also does not know which player built what MOC.

The judge will then eliminate one of the players and the remaining 3 players move on to round 2. We repeat the same steps as round one. Give category, gather parts, auction off sabotages and start the build.

The judge is brought back in again to eliminate one more player using the same rules.

Then we move on to the final round. This is basically the same idea of the previous rounds however, after the “gathering bricks” time period the players go STRAIGHT into build time. The auction takes place DURING the build time. This makes the final round THAT much harder!

Then the judge is brought back in to judge the final matchup with the winner being awarded bragging rights as being “This year’s Cutthroat Builders Challenge winner!”

So then… now that we have the concept of the game laid out, here’s a proposal for actual game play, along with the sabotages described in detail….oh wait, we aren’t telling you this part.

This game was devised and will be led by Chris Phipson.