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Chicago Registration Set to Open January 1

Our web guys have been busy cleaning up the site and getting ready to open registration. We ran final tests today and we have set registration to open on January 1st. The goal is just after midnight Eastern time. But, you know how things go on New Year’s Eve.

When registration opens this year, we will also be opening up display space registration and MOC registration at the same time.  You still have until May to get these done.  But, the sooner, the better.  And, we did activate the hotel room registration link on your My Page today.  So, you can go ahead and book your hotel rooms now if you want.  Remember, the hotel does fill up.

There are no major changes to the registration process and pricing is the same as 2016.  Just log into your Brickworld account and you will be able to click on Add Registration from your My Page.  Make sure you get your password right.  If you fail 3 times, the system will lock you out for an hour even if you click on reset password.  This is a security thing as the site is constantly under attack from far away places.

There are already several things in place for the 2017 convention that we are itching to tell you about.  But, we want to wait until the first of the year before we get crazy and start laying out information.  But, we can say the Keynote Speaker is locked in, the event kit design is complete, and the GBC workshop kit design is complete.

As always, there is a lot going on that we don’t bother you with.  But, we are always here if you have questions.  Don’t hesitate to ask!

See everyone in June!!