The Premier LEGO® fan experience in North America


Boat Race

Led by: John Brost

Both a drag race across the pool and a course race to challenge your turning ability (yes, it is really in the pool)

Dirty Buildster

Led by: Roy Cook

Get a couple random bags of parts and test your building skill against everyone else participating.

Film Festival

Led by: David Pickett & Casey McCoy

Come enjoy the brickfilms submitted to the film festival and be involved in the process to select the winner. Bring your own popcorn and drinks and become a movie critic!

LEGO Derby

Led by: Chris Eyerly

Pinewood Derby with LEGO cars at the KLUG derby track.

Minifigure Speed Build

Led by: Antonio Gaido & Olivia Donahue

Test how fast you can build minifigures. Open to all ages. Get past the preliminary rounds and compete against the best of the best on Saturday evening to see who is the fastest minifigure builder at Brickworld.

Minifigure Speed Build Finals

Led by: Olivia Donahue & Antonio Gaido

If you are fast enough in the preliminary rounds, you can reach the finals to see who is the fastest minifigure builder at Brickworld.

Finalists will be separated into age groups and announced after preliminary competitions are complete.

NEW Power Functions BattLEGObots

Led by: Jeff Viens

Come see the meanest & nastiest LEGO robots ever created battle for outright domination. Who will come out on top? This isn’t your average Sumo contest. Damage to the robots and LEGO elements is anticipated and encouraged.

Pull Back Dragster Challenge

Led by: Brad Sweet

Test your building skills in several categories against everyone else in this combination looks and functionality challenge. Speed, distance, and looks. What else would you want in a dragster?

There are specific motor requirements defined in the rules.

Sumo Robot Competition

Led by: Steve Hassenplug

Autonomous LEGO robot sumo wars on a round surface. Last robot in the ring wins each match.

Train Racing - Sr. Division

Led by: Joe Ellenbecker

Check out the rules and come participate at Joe's Brick Depot train layout.