Come for the fun. Stay for the creations.

Brickworld Team


Mark Larson Chief Brick Officer
Kathie Bonahoom Internal Support
Nikole Bankowski Administrative Manager


Thomas Atkinson GBC Coordinator
John Brost Competition Co-coordinator
Alex Cook Live Stream Co-Coordinator
Roy T Cook Awards Co-Coordinator
Josh Eby Live Stream Co-coordinator
Brendan Egan Live Stream Co-coordinator
Benjamin Ellermann Pirate Coordinator
Brian Elzer Logistics Coordinator
Chris Eyerly Awards Co-coordinator
Tyler Eyerly Cinema Co-coordinator
Amanda Feuk Awards Co-coordinator
Eric Feuk Magic Coordinator
David Gregory New Attendee Co-coordinator
Steve Hassenplug Competition Co-coordinator
Amanda Kirk Fundraiser Co-coordinator
Glen Kirk Fundraiser Co-coordinator
Alysa Kirkpatrick Awards Co-coordinator
Alison Lauer Logistics Co-coordinator
Kevin Lauer Logistics Co-coordinator
Alice P. Leber-Cook Dirty Brickster & Buildster Coordinator
Simon Liu Awards Co-coordinator
Casey McCoy Cinema Co-coordinator
Gretchen McNeely Inclusion Coordinator
Maria Straatsma Awards Co-coordinator, LEGO Masters Co-coordinator
Phil Straatsma New Attendee Co-coordinator, LEGO Masters Co-coordinator
David Turner Voting Coordinator
Jeff Viens Awards Co-coordinator
Kevin Wagner Awards Co-coordinator
Brian Williams Train Coordinator
Bryan Bonahoom Co-founder
Adam Reed Tucker Co-founder