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Brickworld LUG Network In Action

We announced the Brickworld LUG Network about 6 months ago and we are excited to announce that it is starting to have a tangible impact within the community.  As a result of ideas from within the Brickworld team, several of the LUGs attending Brickworld Chicago next week will be handing out their own awards at the event.  We think this will have a great positive influence as it demonstrates the giving nature of the community.  It encourages interaction between groups.  And, it brings recognition to things that are special at the event.

There is no requirement to be a LUG to do this.  If you feel it, do it.  There have been individuals in the past (Bill Bourn comes to mind) that have given away awards of their own.  So, while this isn’t a new idea, this might turn out to be the grandest scale on which it has happened within the AFOL community.

Watch for these special awards next week at the show!