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Brickworld 2019 Set Drafts

We are happy to announce that the set drafts for 2019 have been finalized.  The drafts are all listed on the Brickworld web site (  Some of the drafts will have 10 kits available for pre-order (you will see them after you have registered) at a discount to the MSRP.  These sets are specifically for drafting purposes (not so people can just buy sets).  They will be provided to you at the draft and must be drafted.  Each registrant is limited to 1 set so that everyone has an opportunity to participate.  If we get out into April and all of the sets are not spoken for, we may lift this rule.  Please police yourself as we don’t like being put in a “bad cop” position.  

Also, the sets listed will be the only official set drafts.  So, if you want to lead a draft, please pick from the sets listed when you sign up to lead.

As always, you can participate in any draft by bringing your own new, unopened set to the draft.  This applies to the drafts where we have kits available also.