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Announcing the Brickworld LUG Network

Brickworld is excited to be adding a new twist to event organization for 2018 and beyond.  We are creating the Brickworld LUG Network!  Does that sound familiar?  It is kind of a spin on the LEGO Ambassador Network concept.  The idea is to have 1 member from each LUG that participates in Brickworld events to be the ambassador of that LUG in the forum.  This ambassador will help communicate new ideas and activities from Brickworld to the LUG and from the LUG to Brickworld throughout the year.

We think this will vastly improve communication with LUG members planning to attend Brickworld.  Since in the past we have relied on emails that are generally sent to people that have registered, this will help us reach people that haven’t registered yet.  It will also streamline communication with the LUGs when it comes to displays and the layout.  The major benefit is that it will give us the ability to communicate with LUGs long before registration opens and it will help us all in planning the fun for the convention in Schaumburg.

So, we are looking for a member from each LUG to represent the LUG in this forum as the ambassador.  While we don’t care what member you choose, we recommend that it not be the LEGO ambassador as that person is already doing a lot for your LUG and sharing the effort is a great way to get more people involved.

We will be starting LUG Network activity very soon.  So, if your LUG wants to be involved (and we hope you all do), please send an email to Bryan if you have his address or use the contact us link on the Brickworld web site to let us know your name, your LUG, # of members in the LUG, and where the LUG is located.  Bryan will add you to the private forum and we can get this started!

We hope you share our excitement about this new addition to the event communication.