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2019 Theme and Event Kit

The Moon and Beyond!!   …yes, that’s right.  Brickworld is returning to a space theme in 2019 to honor the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon.

It seems fitting to talk about the theme this week after the successful landing of the Insight probe on Mars.  And while Insight may be stationary, we are excited that our event kit might just depict a way to visit Insight sometime in the future.

A small manned spacecraft, dubbed The Hummingbird, designed by 2018 Brickworld Master Mark Larson was the winner of the event kit contest this year.

These kits will be available via pre-order when you register for the convention in Chicago.  Sales are limited to 1 per registered attendee and only 100 will be available.  Event registration will open on January 1.  Register for an account on the Brickworld website to get more updates about the convention in the coming weeks.