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2019 Event Kit Contest

Yes, we are already looking forward to 2019. Why should you care? Because the event kit contest for 2019 is live NOW!

The theme for 2019 is The Moon and Beyond.

And, we want the event kit to fit nicely into our planned artwork.  So, we are looking for event kit submissions that are spaceships.

Rules for the event kit contest:

  • 180 parts maximum (if you go over by 2 or 3 parts we won’t just DQ the submission).  But, we will hold to this limit tighter than we did the 150 part limit in previous years
  • Absolutely no licensed mini figures are allowed
  • Kit must be a spaceship
  • Live model desired with correct colors. LDD or LDraw model pictures are acceptable. If your model is not built of correct colors, then model pictures would be extremely useful
  • Deadline for submission is Friday, July 29, 2018 (email pictures/LDD/LDraw files of your entry to us.  If you don’t know the email, use the Contact Us form on the web site to get an address)
  • Playability is a must.  In other words, it can’t fall apart each time you pick it up or move it
  • Scale doesn’t matter.  Microscale, minifigure scale, or macroscale
  • LEGO Theme doesn’t matter.  Classic Space, Space Police, MTron, Blacktron, etc… or no theme at all
  • All parts (including the color of the part) must currently be in production at LEGO (if a part is in a current set, then it is a current part. You can use various sources like Bricklink and Brickset to help determine if a part is current)

We have a great tradition of random attendees winning the event kit contest. As has been proven, this is wide open and we love to see your submissions!!  The contest is open to anyone.  The winner will receive 1 boxed up copy of the kit and their name will be on the event kit box as the designer and announced in the opening ceremonies at Brickworld Chicago 2019.

Happy building!! Let’s find out who the master builders are in our LEGO universe.