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2018 GBC Workshop Kit

Ball PumpBrickworld is excited to reveal the 2018 GBC workshop kit.  This year’s kit is a ball pump with a unique check valve system to hold the balls in the vertical stack.  It is a simple, yet elegant design from Brian Alano with some input from other GBC experts to help ensure a wonderful kit and building experience for the workshop participants.  The kit will be available as part of sign up for the workshop at Brickworld Chicago.  We have completed 80 kits for the workshop again this year as last year’s 80 workshop slots were filled in about 6 hours.

Workshop signup will be in May as usual.  We will provide a reminder that it is coming about 2 days in advance.  It will be a late afternoon start on Eastern Time to help ensure it is not in the middle of the night for almost all attendees around the world.