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2018 Chicago Display Map Released

That moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!  The display map for Brickworld Chicago 2018 is complete.  The layout team said they will finally get some sleep tonight after 2 weeks of effort to shoehorn in all of the wonderful displays that registrants are bringing.  There were more displays than every before to squeeze into the room this year with display requests up by 15%.  Brickworld will once again have more displays than any other show in North America.  And, while we would argue we have the best displays, we realize that there are some very amazing displays at most AFOL driven events.  We are simply excited to have this year’s layout complete and on the shelf so we can focus on other aspects of event preparation to make sure the registrants spending their precious vacation time at our convention in Chicago have memories to last a lifetime.

You can see the display map and list of people displaying at the show here.