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Building Sumo Robots

Led by: John Brost, Steve Hassenplug, & Peter Guenther

Sumo pits LEGO MINDSTORMS kits against each other in a battle to dominate the ring by pushing or flipping the opponent. In this workshop, attendees will build, program, and test their robots to be ready to do battle in the Saturday competition. A limited number of MINDSTORMS NXT and EV3 kits are available to participants; register to reserve a kit or just show up if you have your own.

Sign up required to use one of our MINDSTORMS kits - 15 available

The kit is on loan to you. We expect it to be fully returned.

Great Ball Contraption Workshop

Led by: Tom Atkinson & Rafe Donahue

This workshop will introduce you to the construction of a module for the Great Ball Contraption. After completing the build of this module, yours can be added to the GBC for the weekend. Instructions will be provided along with discussion of the important features of a GBC module.
This year's module was designed by Bryan Bonahoom who also created the stacking module in 2015.

(to actively participate you will need pre-register for kit of parts (limit of 80 kits). Sign up required. Cost $25/kit.
(only one person per team should sign up)

Indy 5.0

Led by: Steve Hassenplug & John Brost

The Indy 500 may be over when we reach Brickworld, but the Indy 5.00 has just begun. Join us for this fun workshop to learn another aspect of LEGO MINDSTORMS as we discuss line following and racing. Attendees will learn about line following and what they can do to make their robots stay on the straight & narrow. Then attendees will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test by racing LEGO MINDSTORMS robots around our Indy 5.00 racetrack to see who is the fastest. All materials provided for use. But, you can bring your own robot if you want.


Led by: Greg Nuse

Test your LEGO® skills with LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago’s new Master Model Builder! You’ll learn awesome building techniques and see if you can build the strongest bridge of all. Master Model Builder Greg Nuse will bring his awesome LEGO bridge workshop to Kids World combining fun while supporting STEM concepts!

LEGO Animation

Led by: Dave Pickett & David Pagano

The authors of The LEGO Animation Book, David Pagano and Dave Pickett, will present a 90 minute workshop on LEGO animation ending with a projected mini-film festival of the participants' creations. Bring a smart phone or tablet and some LEGO to animate.

LEGO Derby Build and Practice

Led by: KLUG

Want to join in the competition but you don't have a car? You can take advantage of the open build time at the derby track to try and create a winner before the competition starts. Parts are limited (especially wheels). So, you can bring your own parts and let the experts help you build a car too! Or, you can show up with your car built and use this time to fine tune it.

MOC Photography

Led by: Evan Bordessa & Simon Liu

For some building a MOC is the easy part, but how do you photograph it and share it with the online world? Join some talented photographers as we walk you through LEGO photography 101. From using pro cameras to your iPhone to photo editing, we will cover it all. We’ll start with a 1 hour classroom session and move to the main Exhibit Hall where we’ll have several stations set up for some hands on practice and try to apply some of the lessons from class and photograph YOUR builds.

Pull Back Dragster Workshop

Led by: Scott Ingerson

Do you want to race in the pull back dragster challenge but you don't have a car? Come on by the ChiLUG layout and work with the experts to get a car ready for the challenge! You can't keep it. But, you can race it!

Tech(nic) Help Desk

Led by: John Brost & Steve Hassenplug

Have a particular vexing Technic or MINDSTORMS MOC you're struggling with? Got a GBC module you need some help with? Can't quite figure it out? Or maybe you've just got a really cool Technic MOC you'd like to show off! Stop by the Tech(nic) help desk. Some of the best Technic & Mindstorms builders around will be hanging out and talking all things Tech. Come share, learn, explore, and discover the tech behind Technic.