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Presentations, Panels, and Activities


BrickLink - Instructions

Led by: Alex Nam, Henry Park, Jasmin Yeo, & Summer Park

Do you make building instructions or are you interested in doing so? Come join the BrickLink team for a prototype demonstration of our upcoming instruction maker. We would like to get your feedback on how we can develop an awesome platform for creating professional-quality building instructions.

Building with Plates: Inside Hope Castle

Led by: Reed Yaeger

Reed will talk about building with clear plates and the techniques used to change the way HOPE castle looks each year.

He will be looking at ways to possibly make HOPE castle a collaboration each year for those that have lost a loved one to cancer.

Canada Builds 150

Led by: Graeme Dymond

What is it that makes Canada Canada? Is it simply America's Hat? Canada Builds 150 is a collaborative project inspired by Canada's 150th anniversary, and is seeking to generate 150 MOCs throughout 2017. Graeme Dymond, the project founder, shares the story about the genesis of this project, what it means to him, Canadians across the country, and how you can get involved.

Captain Marvel: Keeping It Together

Led by: Doug Kinney

How a glueless amateur kept it together. Doug Kinney will describe his trials and errors in building a life-size statue. This will be an in-depth look into how he keeps the statue together without using either glue or a metal skeleton.

Castle 101: Building a Basic Castle

Led by: Kevin Wagner & Phil Straatsma

Building on their 2016 presentation "An Introduction to Castle and Historic Building", Kevin and Phil will be walking through a number of basic methods for castle building, with some sample castles at various stages of construction. There will be discussion on piece usage and how to go about building up your collection.

Construction of Large Scale Airplanes

Led by: Calum Tsang

Learn about some techniques used in scale model building, including finding and scaling drawings, sourcing parts and editing your creation. We'll focus on building airplanes out of LEGO, but these tips also can be useful in train, architecture or car model building.

Follow the LEGO Brick Road

Led by: Greg Nuse

Greg Nuse’s personal journey from toys, to hobbies, to spectacular displays that lead to his job as a Master Model Builder for LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Chicago

Harry's Magical Journey

Led by: Markus Rollbühler & Mel Finelli

A look back onto the 180 vignettes, their techniques and the challenges that made up the international collaboration of seven builders that followed Harry Potter through seven books in 2016.

History of LEGO Colors

Led by: Ryan Howerter

An overview of how Lego's color palette has evolved over the years, from early slotted bricks to the present.

How YouTube Pays for My Hobby

Led by: Travis Cisneros

In this session we will discuss how to use the power of broadcasting videos to millions of viewers on YouTube. We will discuss how to record videos, what equipment can be used and how to optimize videos to make money and support your hobby. As time permits we will have a Q&A to help get you started.

Interaction with the Public

Led by: Rafe Donahue

When you are at an local event display (or here at Brickworld), how do you and/or your LUG interact with the Public? Do you ever do presentations during display events? Do your members build with the public? Come join a discussion on some ways interacting with the public to grow your LUG's brand.

Introducing... brickly!

Led by: Julia Matsuoka, Jorge Lopez, & Eric Smith

The brickly Team believes that interlocking bricks aren't "mere" toys but rather a powerful medium of expression. And our mission is to nurture the brick community with inspirational content.

We are excited to, for the first time, unveil the beta version of our app at Brickworld Chicago!

Landmark | Landscape

Led by: Rocco Buttliere

How can you pack a large amount of detail into a very small area? How can higher education contribute to the development of your building skills? How do you determine the right balance of form vs function and aesthetic vs. structure in your models? Join the 2016 Brickworld Master for a presentation that will touch on all of this and also go in-depth on some of his more recent works.

Microscale Castle & Pirate Building

Led by: David Gregory & Ben Ellermann

Join David and Ben as they show you how to make microscale creations with a literal handful of pieces. This presentation will go over tips on using pieces in microscale building differently than you would typically use them. They will show you examples of micro MOCs from the many great micro builders out there. They will also have the Official Brickworld Castle-Pirate microscale kit for those who would like to purchase it.

Mosaics for Beginners

Led by: Danny Dirienzo

Come to learn tips on building LEGO mosaics both small and large. This presentation will teach you the basics of how to turn your favorite image into a piece of LEGO art!

New Attendee Orientation

Led by: David Gregory & Alice Leber-Cook

Is this your first time at Brickworld? Come join us as we go over all aspects of the event to help you make the most of your experience here. Learn about set drafts, after hours activities, voting for awards, the charity auction and more.

Power Distribution Through Brick Built Roads

Led by: Jim Pirzyk

The where, why and what and how of doing power distribution for lighting through a LEGO Layout.

Rebrick & the LEGO Ambassador Network

Led by: Paul Striefler & Sara Moore

Want to learn more about Rebrick or the LEGO Ambassador Network? Come learn from the experts. Sara is the Rebrick manager for the LEGO Group and Paul is the Community Manager for the Americas. Both are based out of the office in Enfield, CT. And they are excited to tell you more about these special programs.

Traumatic Moments in the Community

Led by: Tormod Askildsen

The AFOL community has a long and interesting history. Tormod has been part of the LEGO Community Team for a long time. There must be some good stories and lessons in here somewhere! Come hear Tormod's stories and views on some of the more interesting moments.

Round Table Discussions

Brickworld Master Panel

Led by: EJ Bocan

Former Brickworld Masters join together for a panel discussion on style, technique, and any other topic the audience finds fair game. Come see Heath try to moderate a spirited discussion on being Brickworld Master and what it might take for you to someday earn that award.

LAN Ambassador Meeting

Led by: Glen Kirk

Informal meeting and discussion session for LEGO RLUG Ambassadors. This is a closed session for RLUG Ambassadors only.

LEGO as a Ministry

Led by: Ben Merrill & Jeff Viens

A round table discussion of how faith plays a part in our love for the brick. Come on out and share what ways we can reach others through the hobby we love. We'll also discuss ideas for a collaborative build for Brickworld Chicago 2018.

Purity in LEGO Art

Led by: Roy T Cook & Adam Reed Tucker

In this round table we will discuss "purity" in LEGO builds, focusing on the role that such restrictions do or don't play in the artistic value of a MOC viewed as a work of art, architecture, or storytelling. Participants include LEGO certified professional Adam Reed Tucker and professor of philosophy Roy T Cook.

TFOL Round Table

Led by: Dan Church & Simon Liu

A round table discussion for Teen Fans of LEGO (TFOLs) on the LEGO community from the TFOL vantage point. This open discussion is for any TFOL wanting to talk to similar minded builders on any topic raised. A pair seasoned AFOLs will be there to answer any questions and moderate the discussion.

The Cloning of the MOCs

Led by: Pete Strege

A company in China has begun plagiarizing AFOL MOCs in addition to LEGO's official sets. Following a short presentation of how MOCs have been taken, there will be an open discussion of what we as a community can do to protect our designs while continuing to share our work.

Train Round Table

Led by: Brian Williams

Everyone interested in LEGO trains is encouraged to attend this round table session where current train topics will be discussed by experts in the community: new track, sets, and accessories. Come with any issues/questions you may have too as the expertise you want is in this very room.

YouTuber Info Exchange & Tips

Led by: Danny Dirienzo, Spencer Hubert, and Kris Heidebrecht

Come for a casual conversation about LEGO and YouTube. We will be sharing our favorite ways of expressing our hobby on the platform and giving tips on different things we've learned from running our channels!