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  • Battle SHIP: United Destruction

    Spaceships attacking other spaceships, battleship style. SHIP (super huge investment in parts) style space ships take the board and the contestants have to actually damage their SHIPs as they take hits from the opponent. Last SHIP standing wins in the end. This is probably more of a spectator sport. Contestants will need Kleenex as they bash their creations into oblivion.

  • Cutthroat Builders Challenge

    A three round elimination building battle full of twists, turns and the chance to sabotage your opponents! All proceeds benefit the charity fundraiser. Only four player spots are available but watching this wild event will be almost as much fun as playing! A minimum donation of $50 (USD) is required to secure your spot as a player (spectating is free of course but all donations are welcome). The winner will receive not only the bragging rights but a nice prize as well!  A little more detail can be found here.

  • BrickTech

    BrickTech is Battletech using LEGO scenes and mechs. (rules here). Space in the official game is limited to 12 people total. See Jon Walden at the event to express interest. He will do his best to team people up for a fun game.

  • Magic: The Gathering

    Bring your Magic: The Gathering Commander deck and enjoy some social games of Magic. This will not be a tournament, so that great deck that was built in 1996 should be as fun as a deck loaded with current Planeswalkers cards. If you don’t have a pre-made deck, bring your binders so we can see all your classic cards. More information is available here.
    What? This isn’t LEGO related. Nope, it sure isn’t. But, there is an overlap of people that do both this and use LEGO bricks. So, this is another way for people to have some organized fun at the convention.

  • Dirty Brickster

    A gift exchange game for people of all ages! See the rules and details here.

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