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Event Schedule

Note: The schedule for the event is subject to change without notice. We do our best to keep the web site up-to-date.
Last updated: May 31, 2017
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Wednesday, June 14

Time Activity Location
01:00pm07:00pmDisplay SetupEvent Hall
04:00pm05:30pmZombie Apocalypse SurvivorBrickmania Area
07:00pm10:00pmMixerHotel Lobby
10:00pm12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall


Thursday, June 15

Time Activity Location
08:00am08:00pmDisplay SetupEvent Hall
09:00am10:00amNew Attendee OrientationNirvana A
10:00am10:50am75173 Luke's LandspeederEpiphany
10:30am11:20am41182 Capture of Sophie JonesProsperity
10:00am10:50amLandmark | LandscapeNirvana A
10:00am10:50amMosaics for BeginnersNirvana B
10:00am12:00pmGreat Ball Contraption WorkshopNirvana C
10:00am11:30amZombie Apocalypse SurvivorBrickmania Area
10:00am12:00pmBricks of War - All LevelsBrickmania Area
11:00am11:50am41149 Moana's Island AdventureEpiphany
11:30am12:20pm76080 Ayesha's RevengeProsperity
11:00am11:50amCanada Builds 150Nirvana A
11:00am11:50amYouTuber Info Exchange & TipsNirvana B
11:00am01:30pmLEGO Derby Build and PracticeAt Display
12:00pm12:50pm75823 Bird Island Egg HeistEpiphany
12:30pm01:30pm31045 Ocean ExplorerProsperity
12:00pm02:00pmBricks of War - All LevelsBrickmania Area
01:30pm02:30pmFFOL Blind BuildConcession Area
01:30pm03:30pmLEGO DerbyAt Display
01:00pm01:50pmInteraction with the PublicNirvana B
01:00pm03:00pmIndy 5.0Competition Area
01:00pm01:50pmHarry's Magical JourneyNirvana A
01:00pm02:50pmLEGO AnimationNirvana C
01:00pm02:30pmZombie Apocalypse SurvivorBrickmania Area
02:00pm02:50pm31063 Beachside VacationEpiphany
02:30pm03:20pm70314 Beast Master's Chaos ChariotProsperity
02:00pm02:50pmMicroscale Castle & Pirate BuildingNirvana B
02:00pm02:50pmConstruction of Large Scale AirplanesNirvana A
02:00pm07:00pmBrickworld TheaterEuphoria
02:30pm05:00pmCutthroat Building Challenge - 17 and underConcession Area
02:00pm03:30pmMicro Brick Battle - QualifierBrickmania Area
03:30pm04:20pm41129 Amusement Park Hot Dog VanProsperity
03:00pm03:50pm41311 Heartlake PizzeriaEpiphany
03:00pm03:50pmHow YouTube Pays for My HobbyNirvana A
03:30pm04:00pmTechnic Speed BuildCompetition Area
03:00pm03:30pmIndy 5.0 RaceCompetition Area
03:00pm03:50pmLAN Ambassador MeetingNirvana B
03:00pm03:50pmTFOL Round TableNirvana C
04:30pm05:30pm76081 The Milano vs The AbiliskEpiphany
04:00pm05:30pmTech(nic) Help DeskCompetition Area
04:00pm04:50pmCastle 101: Building a Basic CastleNirvana A
04:00pm04:50pmPurity in LEGO ArtNirvana B
04:00pm04:50pmTrain Round TableNirvana C
04:00pm05:30pmWar of the WorldsBrickmania Area
04:00pm05:30pmMicro Brick Battle QualifierBrickmania Area
05:00pm07:00pmMinifig Speed Build PreliminariesFront of Event Hall
06:00pm07:00pmDirty BuildsterNirvana C
08:00pm09:30pmOpening CeremoniesUtopia
09:30pm12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall


Friday, June 16

Time Activity Location
08:00am12:00amDisplay SetupEvent Hall
09:00am09:50am75169 Duel on NabooEpiphany
09:30am10:20am70621 The Vermillion AttackProsperity
09:00am10:50amLEGO as a MinistryNirvana B
09:00am12:00pmBuilding Sumo RobotsNirvana A
09:00am10:50amKidsworldNirvana C
10:00am12:50pmCharity Silent AuctionFront of Event Hall
10:00am10:50am60150 Pizza VanEpiphany
10:30am11:20am76079 Ravager AttackProsperity
10:00am11:30amZombie Apocalypse SurvivalBrickmania Area
10:00am12:00pmBricks of War - All LevelsBrickmania Area
11:00am11:50am70320 Aaron Fox's Aero-Striker V2Epiphany
11:30am12:20pm31050 Corner DeliProsperity
11:00am11:30amHistory of LEGO ColorsNirvana C
11:00am11:50amThe Cloning of the MOCsNirvana B
12:00pm12:50pm31065 Park Street TownhouseEpiphany
12:30pm02:20pm21119 The DungeonProsperity
12:00pm02:00pmMinifigure Speed BuildFront of Event Hall
12:00pm10:00pmBrickfilm TheaterEuphoria
12:00pm01:00pmBricks of War - AdvancedBrickmania Area
01:00pm01:50pmTraumatic Moments in the CommunityNirvana A
01:00pm02:50pmDirty BricksterNirvana B
01:00pm01:50pmFollow the LEGO Brick RoadNirvana C
01:00pm02:30pmPull Back Dragster WorkshopAt Display
01:00pm02:30pmZombie Apocalypse SurvivorBrickmania Area
01:00pm02:30pmMicro Brick Battle QualifierBrickmania Area
02:00pm02:50pm21131 The Ice SpikesEpiphany
02:30pm03:20pm70326 The Black Knight MechProsperity
02:30pm03:30pmPull Back Dragster ChallengeCompetition Area
02:00pm02:50pmCaptain Marvel: Keeping It TogetherNirvana A
02:00pm02:50pmMinifig and Polybag ExchangeConcession Area
02:00pm02:50pmBrickworld Master PanelNirvana C
02:00pm05:00pmDraft & Build ChallengeCompetition Area
03:00pm04:20pm41184 Aira's Airship & Amulet ChaseEpiphany
03:30pm04:20pm70325 Infernox captures the QueenProsperity
03:00pm03:50pmIntroducing... brickly!Nirvana B
03:00pm05:00pmMOC PhotographyNirvana C
03:00pm03:50pmRebrick & the LEGO Ambassador NetworkNirvana A
04:30pm05:20pm41185 Magic Rescue from the Goblin VillageEpiphany
04:00pm05:00pmBoat RacePool
04:00pm04:50pmBuilding with Plates: Inside Hope CastleNirvana C
04:00pm06:00pmPainting with MelConcession Area
04:00pm04:50pmPower Distribution Through Brick Built RoadsNirvana A
04:00pm04:50pmBrickLink - InstructionsNirvana B
04:00pm05:30pmWar of the WorldsBrickmania Area
04:00pm05:30pmMicro Brick Battle QualifierBrickmania Area
05:30pm06:30pmTrain Racing - Jr. DivisionAt Display
05:30pm06:30pmBingoConcession Area
07:00pm09:00pmCharity Live AuctionNirvana


Saturday, June 17

Time Activity Location
10:00am04:00pmPublic ExpositionEvent Hall
10:00am02:00pmSumo Robot CompetitionCompetition Area
10:00am04:00pmBrickfilm TheaterEuphoria
10:00am10:30amWar of the WorldsBrickmania Area
10:00am12:00pmBricks of War - All LevelsBrickmania Area
12:00pm01:00pmBricks of War - AdvancedBrickmania Area
01:00pm02:30pmZombie Apocalypse SurvivorBrickmania Area
02:30pm04:00pmMIcro Brick Battle FinalsBrickmania Area
04:30pm05:00pmGroup PhotoEvent Hall
05:00pm06:00pmTrain Racing - Sr. DivisionAt Display
05:00pm06:30pmWar of the WorldsBrickmania Area
06:00pm07:00pmMinifigure Speed Build FinalsCompetition Area
07:00pm09:30pmCutthroat Building Challenge - 18 and overConcession Area
07:00pm08:00pmFilm FestivalEuphoria
07:30pm09:30pmFFOL Wine & CanvasConcession Area
08:15pm09:50pmMovie Night: Bricks In MotionEuphoria
10:00pm12:00amWorld of LightsEvent Hall


Sunday, June 18

Time Activity Location
08:30am09:20amNon-Denominational ServiceProsperity
10:00am03:00pmPublic ExpositionEvent Hall
10:00am03:00pmBrickfilm TheaterEuphoria
10:00am11:30amZombie Apocalypse SurvivorBrickmania Area
01:00pm02:00pmNEW Power Functions BattLEGObotsCompetition Area
01:00pm02:30pmWar of the WorldsBrickmania Area
02:00pm03:00pmMicro Brick Battle - King of the HillBrickmania Area
04:30pm05:15pmAwards CeremonyUtopia
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