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Collaborative Displays

The Brickworld Team is proud to announce the following open collaborative displays for the 2016 event:

(most will carry over for 2017…but this won’t be updated until January 2017)

  • Castle & Pirate microscale collaboration – (info here)
  • Pirate collaboration in minifig scale – (info here)
  • Great Ball Contraption – Bring your modules to make the GBC bigger than ever. Don’t have a module but you are interested? Then maybe you should try your hand in the GBC workshop. Don’t know what the GBC is? You can find info here
  • Sky scraperBuild as many levels as you would like, using these instructions and decorate the interior as you see fit. Feel free to build levels that have more height than the spec. Just add rows of windows.
  • Smurfs – Do you Smurf up in the middle of the night in a cold Smurf with recurring Smurfmares of being three apples high and getting chased by a balding, late middle aged, cat loving, bumbling sorcerer who wants to eat you? Is your head Smurfing with that infectious song repeating itself over and over, unrelentingly in your head? Then this may just be the project for you! Lee “Papa Smurf” Jones, in the spirit of this year’s Brickworld theme of unity, is extending his open invitation for you (yes you, the one reading this right now) to join our Smurf’s collaborative build! If you’re interested in building something for this continually expanding collab, let us know via the contact us form and we will put you in contact with Lee to coordinate what you would like to contribute! So smurf out your bricks and smurf a MOC of your own to add to the smurfiest collaborative of all time!

See links for more information on those collaborations. These collaborations are open to Full Attendees to bring elements of the display and they are coordinated by the event organizers.  If you and your friends are bringing a collaborative display and want to open it for others to participate, please contact us to discuss and get it added to this list.